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Eye Wash Cup

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Abdominal Pack Set (Green)

Rs 710

Abdominal Pack Set (Black)


Cotton Tote Bag Rs 100


I have been buying from Aruviyoga Neti Pots for the last five years. The quality of the pots is great, usually I am buying the plastic version of it. I have been using one of the pots myself, even I can chuck it into my dish washing machine once in a while. The Aruviyoga is a very responsible company, it will take a couple of hours to get a response regarding an order, and the postage will be provided on the next day to your destination. And the most important, the price of the products is very reasonable. By dealing with Aruviyoga, you can get the excellent quality, delivery and price. What else you can wish for?.
Marina Borodina
New Zealand