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  Eye Wash (Eye Bath Cup) Untitled-8 White and TransparentEye Wash cup (Eye Bath Cup) :  கண் குவளைகண் குவளையில் தூய்மையான நீரை நிரப்பி, கண் நனையும் படியாக வைத்து, கண் விழியை மேலும் கீழும், பக்கவாட்டில் திருப்பவும். இப்பயிச்சியை இரு கண்களுக்கும் செய்திடவும், உங்கள் கண்கள் புத்துணர்வு பெறுவதை உணர்வீர்கள். குறிப்பு : இப்பயிற்சியை தக்க ஆசிரியர் / மருத்துவர் துனையொடு மேற்கொள்ளுங்கள்.Eye washWhat is eye wash cup (eye bath cup)?    A small cup made up of glass or plastic used to clean eyes. It is very comfortable to fix your eyes. Water or medicated liquid as per advice of the physician is used to clean the eyes.Types of eye wash cups:    Eye wash cup made up of

  1. Transparent plastic material
  2. Non transparent plastic
  3. Glass eye wash cup
  4. Porcelain eye bath cup

Liquid used in eye wash cup:

    Mostly clean drinking water is used.


    You can wash your eyes with the help of eye wash cup by morning or evening. There is no fixed time for it. If you can maintain a particular time, you will not miss it.


    Take an eye wash cup. Preferable eye wash cup is one with stand. It is comfortable to hold by hand. There are people using two eye bath cups and cleaning both the eyes at the same time. It is difficult. I feel practicing with your eyes one by one is comfortable.

    Clean your eye wash cup before using. Fill it with clean drinking water. Bring any one of your eye inside the cup. Keep your eye closed while the water is touching your eye. Gradually fix the eye bath cup over your eye. Then, gently open your eye. You could feel the touch of water over the eye lips and eyes. You can blink your eye while it is fixed in eye wash cup. Move your eye up and down, side wise and rotate clockwise and anti clock wise. You can also move your head backwards, Then your eye wash cup will move up. This will help every part of your external eye is touched with water. Then turn your head forward and remove eye wash cup from your eye.

You can practice to your other eye in the same method. But do not use the same water. You can clean your eye wash cup and use clean drinking water to your other eye.

Benefits of cleansing your eyes with eye wash cup:

    We are much straining our eyes in many ways. Long time watching mobile phones, Television, computer, traveling in dust polluted places are common.

    Your eyes need continuous moisture over it. Blinking helps, certain eye exercises along with cleansing your eyes with eye cup can be helpful. It makes your eyes to feel fresh. If any small dust particles are touching external part of your eyes, washing with your eye wash cup can remove.

    Eye wash cup reduces strain, improves blood circulation. Regular cleansing with eye wash cup helps to maintain better health of your eyes.

    Aruvi yoga manufactures quality eye wash cups. Available in transparent and white colors . You can get at wholesale price from direct manufacturer.
Eye wash cup helps you to take water very comfortable over the eyes. You can pour clean water inside eye wash cup; take the cup close to your eye. You can touch your eyes with water with closed eyes, and then open your eyes inside water and you can move your eyes. You can press the cup softly, so that your eyes get better wash. Then, change water to your other eye.Eye Wash:  your eyes get various dust particles due to pollution in everyday life. You may not notice some particles as they can not been seen. Vehicles smoke, dust from earth, industrial pollution make your eyes much strained and you feel irritating too.Your eyes require proper care at least every day a good and soft touch with pure water. This helps to remove the dust particles more efficiently though the eye can remove naturally. You will feel refreshed and cool. Practice with guidance of a physician.


 What is eye wash cup? 

eye 7Eye wash cup is a small instrument made up of glass or plastic having an oval shape exactly to cover your eyes. It is also called as eye bath cup and eye cup. It helps to wash and clean your eyes smoothly. While travelling on roads especially in motorbikes we get many small dust particles entering into our eyes. You may not notice them as they could not be seen by eyes. 

 How to use eye bath cup? 

Eye bath cup helps to remove those dust particles. Our eyes naturally remove them with tears, yet the more strain over the eyes bring troubles to eyes.You can use plain drinking water for eye wash cup. First of all clean the cup with water then pour the water into eye bath cup, fill it to the brim. Take your eyes in to eye wash cup gently. You can feel touch of cool water over the eyes. Fix eye bath cup in your eyes then slowly open your eyes. It can be practiced separately for each eye.Open your eye inside eye wash cup move your eye ball up and down and sidewise, then rotate if you feel alright.

Practice to your other eye also. Eye wash can be done every day as it makes your eyes to feel fresh. The strain over the eyes due to watching mobile phones and computers can be relieved for some time. Eyes need enough rest and blinking for keeping moisture over them. This practice is not assuring cure for any eye disease but supports eye care. 

 Who is manufacturing eye bath cup?

 Eye wash cups are manufactured by Aruviyoga, Udumalpet. There are transparent and white colours. You can buy eye wash cup from aruviyoga. www.aruviyoga.com

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