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Why should you have to cleanse your colon? Nose? Eyes? Stomach? and Lungs?

What is the importance connected to your health. Is it really required to cleanse regularly or occasionally. Do you feel your food habit has got some connection with your colon and other organs?

Do you need raw vegetables, fruits to cleanse your colon naturally, not only colon, the entire digestive system, how it can be helpful to you.

This questions is not only connected to the colon health alone, but your entire physical and mental health. From the purification of your blood to the better brain function. The health of your joints, health of your eyes, health of your nervous system and healthy functioning of lungs. Cleansing the blocks from your lungs, reducing the trouble of the stomach, Breathing trouble, bronchitis, including nasal troubles, and bringing your overweight to the normal level, making you to feel light getting better sleep.

It’s very important to have your digestion, digestive system very light, very strong, very healthy. Food is very essential. And also, whenever you need cleansing, that is also very useful.

There are many methods, from the food you can cleanse, taking certain raw vegetables, fruits and fasting with plain water or with coconut water or with certain fruits with some guidance, you can. In some cases, even boiled vegetables juices can be used.

Instruments like enema kit can be used to take enema with plain drinking water, with certain kasayams, like you can prepare neem water, putting some neem leaves in boiling water. Then filtering it, bringing it to the cool condition, then you can use it.

Buttermilk. Depending upon your requirement, you can use. They also help not only to cleanse your colon, but also make you to be more healthy. Whenever you require, according to the need, you can utilize.

There are many kinds of enema kits, very simple, compact and very useful. You can choose and buy. You have to understand, keeping your colon healthy, keeping your digestive system very healthy is very important. There is nothing to feel any kind of hesitation. Constipation is one of the major problem for many other diseases, especially the Nature Cure system, mainly works to eradicate constipation. From that the entire system, all the organs, feel very light, and they start functioning very efficient because you remove the blocks, impurities which are really great burden to each and every organ to work light and comfortable. They start taking a rest. Once you cleanse the impurities, the impurities, not only in the digestive system in the colon but also in the respiratory system, especially in the nose and lungs. And you’d be refreshing the blood, the joints. They get very refreshment and rejuvenation. they get strengthened.

Enema can or enema kit

Aruviyoga is one of the very important enema kit manufacturer and this company provides a very small, compact enema kit which can be taken even during travel and can be kept at home. Very clean, medical grade materials used, very comfortable length of tubing with a stopper and a good nozzle with smooth edges. You can find it is very handy, most comfortable enema kit among almost, most of the kits available in the market. Very very normal price. You can also buy direct from the company from the company website where you will find the prices very normal. And the courier charges are very normal. And it comes to your home in a week or 10 days. You can also buy bulk, if you want to distribute or if you want to sell. You need not to spend a long time or spend lots of money to buy this product. There is a description pamphlet. It may be hard to find out from the market or from the shop.

It is the best seller, and also number one best selling enema kit in India. You can take enema in standing, sitting or lying down. You can hang enema cane, with the help of rope using the keyhole. Or you can fix it also as per your comfort. You can easily watch the water level slowly coming down while the water is passing to your colon. There are marks up to 750 ml. You can take the liquid as per your comfort, your requirement may be 500 ml or 250 or 750 ML, it’s up to you.

There are many other products from this company, I review. There is one more website, Both deals, same product, and both are belonging to one company, ie Aruviyoga.

Neti pot or nasal irrigation pot

The other products, namely neti pot, through which you can cleanse your nasal passage. It is not only nasal passage, it goes up to the throat. It’s really good for your nose, eyes, ears and throat. It is very helpful for those suffering from cold, cough, sinusitis. This neti pot is very comfortable product. And you can use it under the guidance. You need to boil the water fully and bringing it to lukewarm condition. Add some salt into it. Then practice, you need to have better control with your breath, because during the practice of neti, one has to breathe through the mouth.

Eye wash cup or eye bath cup

And the other product is, eye wash cup. A small cup with a stand used to cleans your eyes. This helps to improve blood circulation in the eyes, strengthen eye muscles and cleans your eyes from the dust. It’s very good. Those who keep working with the computers, those who travel it can be used every day. Clean, pure, cold, drinking water is enough.

Vastra dhauti cloth

There is one more product called as Vastra dhauti cloth. This Vastra dhauti cloth is used in yoga practice. One of the important shat karmas, Six cleansing processes. It is used to cleanse your stomach, but very efficiently it cleanses the respiratory system, especially the lungs. It has to be done under proper guidance of an expert guru, expert yoga teacher. Because it involves long time, regular practice. It requires a lots of guidance. It not only cleanses the organs but also helps to calm down your mind, brings great peace to the mind. This is a very fine cloth, very fine cotton cloth, very neatly stitched by Aruvi yoga company, and being sold at a normal price as one is using for very important practice. It has to be noticed that you have to get a very quality cloth, for this particular practice.


Aruvi yoga, is one of the best platform to get enema related items

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You can buy bulk.Or you can buy, even a single item, either online or offline.

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A complete guide for taking healthy and safe enema Introduction

What is Enema ?

Enemas are used to clean the large intestine with a liquid solution. Enemas can be used as a laxative and to relieve constipation.

What you will need:

To properly and safely administer an enema you are going to need at least one of the products below:

1.An enema kit with an enema can, attached tub, pinch clamp or stopper, a nozzle, and an enema catheter.

2.An enema syringe – this is better suited for a smaller volume of liquid, typically an oil enema.

3.An enema bulb.

4.Enema liquid or solution.

What solution you will need:

There are many different enema solutions to use. Plain, cold water is usually the most preferred; however, you can also use:

  • Medicated ayurvedic oil.
  • Water with neem leaf essence (few fresh neem leaves boiled with water).
  • Coffee decoction for coffee enema.
  • Juices for fruit enema
  • Butter milk
  • Warm castor oil
  • Enema liquid can be luke warm if needed
  • Kasaya for khasaya enema called as khayasa basti in ayurvedic enema.

Important To Remember:

  • Enema liquid can be lukewarm if needed – never hot!
  • Make sure to use an enema bed or stay close to a convenient place with toilet facilities when using an enema.

How to Use:

  • Prepare your enema solution.
  • Fill the enema can – when in use, make sure to slightly elevate the can to help the flow of the liquid.
  • Apply lubricant to nozzle or catheter and anus.
  • Start by lying down over an enema table or on a clean, covered surface close to a toilet.
  • Slightly elevate your legs – this will help the liquid flow easily from the enema./li>
  • Insert the enema catheter and slowly open the pinch clamp.


Enemas have been shown to relieve back pain, headaches, fever, and constipation. Enemas help to purify the body. It is always recommended to use proper guidelines while self-administering an enema and to consult your physician before use.


எனிமா குவளை

எனிமா சிகிச்சை ( பெருங்குடல் கழுவுதல்) . ஆரோக்கிய வாழ்விற்கு பயன் உள்ளதாக அமைந்துள்ளது.தேவையான பொருட்கள் : எனிமா கருவி, பயிற்சி செய்திட எற்ற இடம்.தயார் செய்தல் :சுத்தமான குடிநீரை எனிமா குவளையில் நிரப்பி அதனை சுமாராக உங்களின் தலைப் பகுதியின் உயரத்திற்க்கு வைக்கவும். குனிந்த நிலையில் அல்லது தரையில் ஒரு பக்கமாக படுத்து அல்லது உட்கார்ந்த நிலையில் உங்களின் உடல் நிலை மற்றும் தேவைக்கேற்றார் போல இந்த பயிற்சியைச் செய்யலாம்.

பயிற்சி :

எனிமா கத்தீட்டரை அல்லது நாசிலை தேங்காய் எண்ணெய் ( Lubricant ) தடவி ஆசன வாயில் கவனமாக உள்ளே நுழைக்க வேண்டும். அடைப்பானைத் ( Pinch Clamp ) திறந்து தண்ணீரை தேவைக்கேற்றவாறு குடலின் உள் பகுதிக்கு செல்ல அனுமதியுங்கள். தண்ணீரை அடைப்பான் மூலம் ( Pinch Clamp ) நிறுத்தி எனிமா கத்தீட்டர் அல்லது நாசிலை வெளியே எடுங்கள். தண்ணீரை வெளியெற்றும் போது குடலினுள் தேங்கி இருந்த மலமும் சேர்ந்து வெளியேறி விடும். உங்களின் உடலும், மனதும் புத்துணர்வையும், இலகுவான நிலையை உணர்வதையும் அறியுங்கள். 


  • எனிமா சில உடல் நோய்க்கான முதலுதவியாகவும் பயன்படுகிறது.
  • மலச்சிக்கல் நீங்கி மூச்சு சீராகின்றது.
  • இரத்தம் சுத்தப் படுத்தப்படுகிறது.
  • உடல் பாரம் நீங்க பெறுகிறது.
  • மன அழுத்தம், கனவுத் தொல்லை நீங்கி நல்ல உறக்கம் உண்டாகிறது.
  • ஆரம்ப கால இடுப்பு வலி, தலை வலி மற்றும் காய்ச்சலும் நீங்கிட உதவுகிறது.


  • சுத்தமான குளிர்ந்த குடிநீர், நல்ல நிலையில் உள்ள எனிமா குவளை அவசியமானது.
  • அதிகமான நீரை ஒரே நேரத்தில் உள்ளே செலுத்தாமல் குறைவான நீரைச் செலுத்தி, வெளியேற்றிய பின்னர் தேவைப்பட்டால் மீண்டும் செய்யலாம். அதிக அழுத்தம் குடலினுள் கொடுக்க வேண்டாம்.
  • மருத்துவர் உதவியுடன் தேவைப்படும் போது பயிற்சி செய்யவும்.

Preparation for enema

 Position of the BODY:

Preferably a lying down position over enema table. Leg side is slightly raised and head side is lesser in height. This helps easy flow of enema liquid into colon. If you do not have enema table you can keep your cot with leg side raised. In this position you hip portion is raised and head is below, it helps easy flow of enema liquid into large intestine.

Preparation for enema:

It is advised to take light food previous day night if you take enema in the morning.

How can you take enema?

Prepare enema liquid, fill it in enema can then place enema can at the level of your head. So that the liquid flows easily.

Position of Body for enema

Lying down enema:

1.Lying down by left hand side with right knee bent and kept slightly front side.

1.Supine position with both the knees bent and foot kept on floor.

  • Apply lubricant on enema nozzle or enema catheter and anus. Oil used for enema purpose can be organic and naturally processed such as cold pressed without any mixing of chemicals: coconut, sesame, caster oils are common.
  • Allow the air to pass from enema tube. You can slightly open the pinch clamp then close it for the removal of air from enema tube. Insert the enema catheter very smoothly without hurting your anal muscles or intestine. Then open and allow the the enema liquid to pass inside the colon.

Happy experience of your enema

It is really a great experience to feel the enema liquid moving inside your body. Allow the liquid to pass slowly. Because large intestine takes time to enlarge. Otherwise instead of a joyful enema you may get painful enema experience. If you feel slight pain then stop the flow for a while then open pinch clamp and allow water gradually. You can stop the enema liquid /water completely if you feel it is enough.

The amount of enema liquid

The amount of enema liquid may vary to different persons and also age for example if you are giving enema to a child a small quantity is enough for grownup people say about 300 ml to 500 ml would be normal.

Remove enema catheter smoothly and relax

Remove enema catheter after stopping water. Remove smoothly. Then relax in supine position for few minutes. This helps the enema liquids to pass all over colon and cleans your colon very efficiently. About 3 to 5 minutes for holding enema liquid inside colon would be sufficient, however if any discomfort at any point, do not continue holding. You can evacuate immediately. Enema should not be done painfully but gracefully.

Spiritual effects of enema

Your body is a temple. Enema helps to cleans your body. If makes your body and mind light, transparent and tension free. The effect of enema on mind is more than over the body. You will feel peaceful after enema. You can evacuate the enema liquid by natural way after the holding.

How many rounds of enema do you need?

One round of enema is usually enough. If you are still feeling not satisfied, you may take another round of enema. You can see that you are able to intake more liquid during your second round of enema and holding becomes more easier. Because, part of your colon is already empty.

Keep transparent type of enema kit

These small enema equipments are very essential to everyone. It may be an enema kit full set, enema syringe or enema bulb. I recommend a transparent type of enema kit. Because you can see if it is clear. Sometimes you do not know any small insects or dust inside if it is non-transparent type of enema kit. I also feel a transparent enema tube is good for the same reason.

Enema body position

People those are not comfortable can do enema in standing slightly with a forward bend or sitting. Remember, lying down enema body position is much superior to sitting and standing type of enema body position.

You can try quick and travel enema with the help of enema syringe. Enema syringe is mostly used for oil enema.

What are the types of enema?
liquids used

Plain drinking water is ideal for enema. It should be clean. There are other types of liquids used for enema are like butter milk. It may get stick inside your enema kit and enema can. You need to put more effort to clean.Few leaves of neem can be boiled and that liquid can be added in to enema water. Luke warm water mixed with honey, salt other kasayams are used in ayurvedic enema. Coffee enema needs organic coffee to be added small quantity into enema water. Small quantity of coffee is sufficient for coffee enema. These may have different effect over your colon and over all body.

Types of Enema 

Neem enema:

Few fresh neem leaves are boiled in water and it is also used as neem water enema. It is to be taken under proper knowing the effects of neem.

Coffee enema:

Other type of enema are known as coffee enema. A small quantity of coffee decoction( Organic coffee) is mixed with enema water for enema.

Butter milk enema:

Fresh butter milk is used for butter milk enema. It is known to control loose motion. In fruit enema fresh juice that is organic fruit juice are used.

Oil enema:

Oil enema is popular in ayurvedic treatments. It is called matra enema and sneaha enema. Medicated ayurvedic oil is used for the oil enema. It is advised to hold the oil for at least one hour as the body needs to absorb the medicated oil to cure the disease.

Kashaya enema:

Kashaya enema in ayurveda is performed in morning time. It is one of the very important panchakarma treatment. The kashaya will be injected into colon. You can evacuate after few minutes ( 3 to 5 minutes). It is very powerful enema to make your body and mind so supple.

FAQ: Enema

Enema – few more instructions and information:

Clean Water:

Clean drinking water should be used. Avoid tape water direct without filtering if it is not clean or have chlorine. Because, chlorine can affect healthy bacteria living in Large intestine.

Intake of water may change for different persons. Normally about 500 Ml or less than that is fine. For children a small quantity about 50 ML or 100 ML might be enough. After taking first round of enema , if you need one more round the intake of water will be more than first time.


Do not take more volume of water and keep water for long time , it may make your colon sluggish and depend on enema. You should follow natures call. It is good to take enema after natural bowel movements. But at times, if any one suffer from constipation and not getting natural bowel movements, can use enema to help.

Feel Light:

All cleansing methods, may it be in yoga, ayurveda or naturopathy help to expand natural awareness about oneself. It is direct path towards feeling of light, healthy, self knowing and supports natural way to enlightenment.

Food after enema:

You need to take light food after the kashaya enema. I feel you can take light food after all types of enema. A heavy food after enema will stop the great feel of lightness of your body. Avoid spicy, fried and more salted food after enema.

Keep your enema kit always safe.

Check your enema kit every time before taking enema. This ensures that you are using a good enema kit .If your enema tube or enema catheter looks hard or any damage, you can change them.

Temperature of enema water or liquid:

A plain drinking cold water or a luke warm water (should be less heat) can be used. Do not use enema water or liquid with more temperature as inner parts of your large intestine are very delicate.

Frequency of enema:

Frequent enema may dry your mucus content from your colon. It is to be taken as per the requirement. Do not make enema as a habit. Enema helps at difficult times in everyone’s life, especially in unhealthy and old age those find hard to evacuate their bowls in natural method. Enema can be of great relief. They may continue to live for more time with comfort.

Effects after taking enema:-

You could feel immediate relief of back pain, your breath becomes very deep and blocks in airway get removed. Enema helps to relieve headache, fever, constipation. Your blood stream gets more purified. The body becomes free from working hard with waste material. It is always recommended that you take proper guidelines with an experienced physician for taking proper enema.

Enema is helpful to those practice meditation, yoga and any other spiritual methods. It also acts as great support in many treatment for diseased persons. As for as a healthy person is concerned, it can be used whenever needed.

Enema education:

Enema method should be known to everyone. A healthy and good education is to be given to our children and those intrested about enema. So that they can be aware about it and use when they need enema. Knowledge about enema kit, enema cane size, enema tube quality, length, nozzles, importance of stopper and proper preparation or choosing enema liquid should be thought to our children.

Nature cure system had played a greater role in spreading enema technique to common man. But It was available mostly in hospitals, sooner it will become in every home In every home, everyone will have enema kit and has knowledge about enema.


Ayurvedic enema or Vasti 


Enema is found in ayurvedic treatments as Vasti. It is one of the important treatment method in pancha karma. It is also called as ayurvedic enema.

Preparing enema liquid:

Traditionally a metal nozzle is used. There are many types of ayurvedic enema. Various kasayams ( herbal leaf preparations in ayurveda) , salt, honey and oil are used under superiosion of a qualified ayurvedic physician.Enema can also be used if needed at the time of giving enema. As enema kit makes the process of taking enema more convenient.

A word on meal:

Patient advised to have light meal during previous night. Kasaya vasti or kasaya enema is given in the morning empty stomach.

Process of giving enema:

After applying medicated oil over the stomac and lower back region a warm local stem is given. Body is slightly warmed to accept the procedure comfortably. The medicated enema preparation should be in body temperature. An experienced therapist under guidance of a aayurvedic physician will give the enema. Patient turns body towards left enema nozzle or catheter is inseterd in to anus. Before that anal musles are applied oil and enema catheter or enema nozzle whichever is used for giving enema is also lubricated with ayurvedic oil.

Patient is asked to relax. After the medicated enema liquid taken inside colon the enema nozzle is removed and enema kit is taken for cleaning purpose. Patient lies in supine for few miniutes say up to 10 minutes only if comfortable. By this time the body will absorb directly the medicine from the medicated enema. It needs lots of care as sometimes patient may get giddiness after evacuationg. The enema liquid must be expelled within allowed time.

After enema:

After enema rest and soft food is given. A great care during the entire procedure can be experienced if ayurvedic kasaya enema is traditionally given with care.

Small enema matra vasti:

There is another ayurvedic enema called matra vasti. A small quantity of medicated oil is injected with the help of enema syringe into colon. You can hold it for many hours as long as comfortable. Then it is evacuated in natural method.It is easy process.

Two enemas to get more effect:

These two enemas are given on alternative days as combination to have rich results in ayurvedic treatment process. It must be taken under the supervision of a ayurvedic physician.

Effect of ayurvedic enema on whole body functions:

Enema helps to revitalize and rejuvenate colon functions. The medicine works to cure disorders and balance the whole body functions. Not only digestive system but entire function of body is regulated. Toxins get removed. It is not a common enema like others but excellent treatment, requires lots of time and preparations.

Enema technique easy steps
  • Have light food in night if you plan to take enema next day morning. It is good if you have enema in morning before food after natural evacuation of bowels.
  • Clean enema kit with luke warm water. Attach enema tube pinch clamp and enema nozzle in order. Attach enema catheter with enema nozzle. Hang the enema can at the height of your head or one foot above
  • Water for enema is clean drinking and it can be body temperature. If you need any special preparations of enema water take guidance of your physician. Keep the pinch clamp locked. Fill the water inside enema can. Open pinch clamp and allow enema water to pass for removing air bubbles
  • Close pinch clamp.
  • Apply coconut oil in to enema catheter which is attached to enema nozzle. You can take position of lying down supine with knees folded. Insert catheter inside anus carefully. Open pinch clamp allow enema water to go inside colon for colon cleansing. This helps to clean anal and colon parts. You can lock pinch clamp if enough water passed in. Then remove enema catheter.
  • If you can stay for a while about a minute or two you can wait then pass enema water from colon by natural method of evacuation. Relax yourself for some time after enema and take light easily digestible food. Advised to have guidance of naturopathy doctor.

Enema: Aruviyoga Brief Guide

You can adopt life style of eating more fruits and vegetables. This helps you to reduce taking enema. Basti is is yogic cleansing of colon – yogic enema. It is practiced to clean large intestine with the help of nauli kriya. (Explained in yoga book titled Kriya Cleansing in Yoga authored by Selvarasu K V). Yogic basti cannot be performed by everyone as it needs more effort. Enema can be done easily at home with the help of enema kit. Enema is a treatment in Ayurveda also known as basti.Materials Used: clean and sterile Water, Enema Kit, a room to practice and toilet facilities.


Standing – It can be practiced in standing (slightly bending forward position is more suitable). Sitting: You can sit above toilet seat. People having less control with their anal muscles can prefer this method.

Lying down:

Either lie down in supine or sidewise. This helps easy flow of water inside colon). Lying down position may require other person’s help.

You can use clean water. Fill water in enema kit. Place enema can slightly in higher position than your head. This will help comfortable flow of water. You can lubricate enema nozzle or enema catheter with coconut oil. Now allow water to flow, this removes air bubbles from tube. Then lock the tube with the help of pinch clamp. Then, Insert enemanozzle carefully into anus. Open pinch clamp. With the help of enema nozzle inserted into anus you can feel water moving inside your colon.

How much water to use for enema: You can experience some pressure when water flows inside. Generally 300 ml water is enough in most cases. Do not take large amount of water at single round; it can affect the functions of our colon and you will feel pain. Instead you can take two or three rounds of enema with comfortable amount of water. After taking water inside, wait for one or two minutes if you can, this helps to clean your bowl more efficiently. Then evacuate.

Varieties of enema: Enema can be taken with plain water, Butter milk, Neem leaf water etc. Different types of enema are practiced for the purpose to cure diseases.


Basti/ enema is a very good antidote, curative and preventive for colitis, distended abdomen, headaches of various types, less appetite than usual and general feeling of dullness. Enema is helpful in tackling cold, asthma and chronic obstructions in the airway of respiration.

Parts of Enema Kit
  • Enema can (PP Random)
  • Enema tubing (PVC or Silicone)
  • Pinch Clamp
  • Enema nozzle PP (Plastic)
  • Enema catheter (Rubber or PVC)

Enema Kit Plastic 800 ml has800 ml canPVC 1.5 meter transparant or Silicone tube pinch clamp enema nozzle vaginal douche nozzle, PVC enema catheter or rubber enema catheter You can select as per your requirements

Aruviyoga enema kit

  • It is a very compact kit with 800 ML can.
  • Enema Can is manufactured with PP Random Virgin raw material, You can watch water level in this can.
  • Tubing, you can choose
  • PVC Transparent, The size of the tube 5.5 MM ID x 7.5 or 8 MM OD
  • Silicone Rubber Transparent, The size of the tube 5.5 MM ID x 8 MM OD
  • All above mentioned are Non toxic tubes, safe to use

Pinch Clamp:

Color in pinch clamp:- white

Enema Nozzle:

Enema nozzle has smooth endings and sides for safe use.

Specification of nozzle:

  • 5 MM ID to 6 MM ID tube can fit.
  • Nozzle has slope of 6 MM OD to 7 MM OD.
  • What type of hose or tubing can or should be used when needed?
  • 5 MM ID to 6 MM ID tube can fit.
  • When the tube from your enema kit is damaged or broken, which type of tube to use for these good nozzles?
  • A similar tube like ours, we also sell tube separately
  • Enema Nozzle: It is anal Nozzle. Material: PP- White

Enema Catheters:

You can choose either Rubber enema catheters or PVC enema catheters. These catheters can be attached with enema nozzle for safe and deep enema.

Rubber Enema Catheter:

  • Material: RUBBER
  • Total Length: 39 CM, Closed End with one lateral eye for drainage.
  • Can be attached with enema nozzle for safe and deep enema (Insert Nozzle end to the open part of the rectal tube). These tubes have Extra length which makes your enema safe.

PVC Enema Catheter:

  • Size: 4.70 MM – FG 14: Total Length: 400 mm, Effective Length: 370 mm, Lined.
  • Closed End with two lateral eyes for efficient drainage.
  • Non toxic, Can be attached with enema nozzle for safe and deep enema (Insert Nozzle end to the open part of the Colon Tip).

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