Aruvi Yoga

Plastic pinch clamps of infusion/Enema set:

    Open or close clamps with the simple push of the thumb latchTubing pinch clamps provide quick and easy on/off flow control of fluids in flexible tubing. Pinch Clamp attached with enema set or other medical or laboratory tubing: Pinch Clamp can be attached with tube (Helps to control the flow of water and you can close or open the tube comfortably) Pinch Clamp can be moved anywhere in the tube. Color: Milk White and GreenMaterial: PPMaximum Tubing O.D.: 7.5 MM.

  • On/Off or flow control for use with liquid
  • Can be used for Medical/ Enema OR lab tubing
  • Can be easily moved over the tube
  • You can reduce or stop flow by pinching the outside of tube
  • Tubing Flow Control Pinch Valve Clamps
  • Have SIX ratchet flow control positions

Why choose the aruviyoga Pinch Clamp?

  • You Purchase direct from Manufacturer.
  • Non toxic Superior Quality materials are used.

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