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Enema Kit

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India’s No.1 best home use enema kit

Enema KitDetails:

This kit contains:

  • Enema Can
  • Enema Tubing set (Tube, Pinch Clamp, Nozzle)

We make our enema kits with medical or food-grade materials.

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  • Relieve back pain
  • Alleviate headaches
  • Reduce fevers
  • Eliminate constipation

Enemas help purify the body of harmful toxins and backed-up waste.


Enemas are safe, effective, and relatively easy to use when following the proper instructions.

  • Prepare your enema solution.
  • Fill the enema can with your solution. Make sure to keep the can slightly elevated during use to ensure the proper flow of the liquid.
  • Apply lubricant to nozzle, catheter, and anus.
  • Lie down on an enema table or a clean and covered surface nearby a toilet.
  • Slightly elevate your legs – this helps the liquid flow effortlessly from the enema can.
  • Insert the enema catheter and slowly open the clamp.

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Different Types of Enemas:

  • Neem Enema – fresh leaves boiled in water
  • Coffee Enema – a small amount of coffee is added to the solution
  • Butter Milk Enema – Used with fresh buttermilk
  • Oil Enema – uses medicated oil
  • Kashaya Enema- performed in the morning to cleanse the colon

Frequently Asked Questions:


What liquids should I use for my enema?

Plain drinking water is ideal for an enema. Just ensure that it is clean. Other available liquids include buttermilk, coffee, water mixed with other ingredients such as salt or honey, and oil. Whichever liquids you choose to create your solution, ensure that they are food or medical grade, and have been adequately maintained before use.

How should I position my body to administer the enema?

The best way to position your body is lying down over an enema table. By keeping your bottom half slightly elevated, you ensure a better flow of the enema solution into the colon. However, you can also lay on your side with your hips slightly elevated.

How many rounds do I need?

You should not make a habit out of enema use. One round of enema is usually enough. However, if you aren’t feeling satisfied, you may take another round.

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