Sutra Neti


Aruviyoga Best 2 copy   sutraneti   sutra neti
Aruviyoga Best copy       sutra neti


 Available: It is small size, It is number 3 or 4 size. Preferred for sutra neti (Rubber Neti) practice in YOGA. Soft and comfortable even for learning students of yogaGet bulk price for your yoga hospital/institute or store.Outer Dia OD: at (Small) blunt end 2.40 MM

Open End 3.70 MM

Total Length: 38 CM

It is soft and comfortable even for learning students of yoga.

Aruviyoga sells best quality (Hard rubber tubes may hurt nasal passage, where as it is soft)

– Practice neti under proper guidance of Yoga Teacher)

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 Sutra NetiMaterials requiredSterilization facility.Rubber catheter (ordinary urethral catheter Nos: 3 (or) 4.Technique

Sutra Neti is practised by using thread traditionally. But in modern times a small rubber catheter No.3 (or) 4 is used. Rubber catheter can be sterilized and used again.

Take sterilized rubber catheter and introduce the blunt end slowly into one nostril without any force.

Eventually feel for the end of the tube emerging at the back of the throat.

Introduce index finger and thumb or middle and index finger and reach into the throat and pull out the blunt end of the rubber Neti through the mouth smoothly.

Hold the ends with the hands and gently pull the catheter backwards and forwards. So that it gently massages the nasal cavity.

Perform this for 5 times and gently remove the tube through the mouth. Now repeat with the other nostril.

Precautions: Sutra Neti (Rubber Neti)

Check the rubber tube, don’t use the catheter with cut or damage at the ends or in any other part of it.

Sterilize the rubber catheter before use.

Practise in empty stomach (to avoid vomiting). Preferable time is morning.

Nails must be cut neatly and hands cleaned.

Press the nose upwards and insert the tube parallel to the palate very smoothly otherwise the delicate nasal passage may get injury or the tube may get struck in concha.

Keep the head in correct direction and mouth open.

Inhalation through the nose in which the catheter is being inserted,by closing the other nose with fingers and slight twist of the catheter will help for the practice but never give any undue force.

When the catheter is pulled in and out of the nostril and mouth and brought out through the mouth for removing, it should be done smoothly with one’s own speed.

Persons suffering from blocking of the nose, congestion in nose, swelling of nasal mucosa, nasal polyps, and deviated nasal septum should practise Sutra Neti under proper guidance.

Apply lubricant (like ghee) on the rubber tube or practise Jala Neti before practising rubber Neti that makes the practice easier.

Avoid spectacles; one may get sneezing when the tube touches the sensitive olfactory mucosa present in the roof of the nose.

After the practice if one feels dry, sore and raw in the nasal passage introduce few drops of ghee or milk into the nasal passage by holding the head back.

After practice sterilize the tube, dry it and keep it safe.

  Benefits For Spiritual Aspirants

Gives purification of Nadis and chakras in the region of forehead (Ajna) and throat (Vishudda).For Spiritual Aspirants And Healthy Persons:Neti opens the nasal passage and increases the sensitivity of nasal passage which helps to experience the touch, smell, temperature and pressure changes of the air in the nasal passage. It is beneficial practice for Kapalabhati and Pranayama.

Neti helps to keep air-sinuses and nasal passages healthy and thus helps in learning spiritual practices like OM (AUM)-pranava and other mantras more efficiently.

It helps to balance the breathing in both the nostrils that is important in relaxation, receptiveness and higher awareness in yoga practices.


Neti cleanses the frontal sinuses, bestows perfect vision, and soon destroys the multitude of diseases of the region above the shoulders.

Hatha pradipika – II: 31

Practice of Neti facilitates the process of Khechari, removes disorders of phlegm and gives a sharp vision.

Gheranda Samhita – I: 50

Old age does not set in, nor does one suffer from fever. The body is brought under control and is free from disorders of phlegm.

Gheranda Samhita – I: 59

By the practice of Neti Kriya germs are destroyed from the nasal passages

Satkarma Sangraha.

Respiratory system

The massage offered in Sutra Neti toughens the nasal mucosa and gives resistance against allergens.

Effects Of Neti On Mental Health Neti has a subtle influence on the various nerves which end in the nasal passages, such as the olfactory bulb and other adjacent nerves which innervate the eyes, ears etc.  This has a very soothing influence on the brain and can help to relive ailments such as migraine, epilepsy, depression, tension etc.

Contra Indications

Persons suffering from enlargement of adenoids (masses of lymphoid tissue at the upper end of the air and food passages) and tonsils should not practise rubber Neti. Any injury due to rubber catheter may cause severe bleeding in case of enlarged adenoids especially patients suffering from high blood pressure.  But Jala Neti can be practised.

Persons who have had a recent (within 1 year) sinus puncture operation or middle ear surgery should avoid Jala Neti. Because, the water may get locked up in the sinuses and give headache or enter in the middle ear to cause discomfort and pain. He / She can practise Sutra (rubber) Neti under proper guidance.

If there is any injury in the nasal passage or nasal bleeding (epistaxis) don’t practice Neti without guidance.

Patients suffering from inflammation of nasal septum, nasal polyps, and congestion of nasal mucosa should undergo guidance for practising Sutra (rubber) Neti.